Anime Buoy Podcast Episode 15 – FLCL

Ahoy, mateys, and welcome to the Anime Buoy podcast – your port of call for anime recommendations, news bits, and discussions that maybe aren’t on your radar, but most definitely should be! On this episode, recorded Thursday, June 2, 2016, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick are joined by  David (@Edwardwong4 from Twitter) to discuss Gainax’s infamous and irreverant OVA, FLCL!


This week, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick are joined by David (@Edwardwong4 from Twitter) to discuss Gainax’s wacky coming of age OVA, FLCL! The Podcast Pirates and their guess discuss production details, characters, themes, and use of music for this influential series, and their hopes for the new seasons of FLCL!


Sometime next week we’ll be joined by listener @Edwardwong4 from Twitter to wrap our heads around FLCL! What are your thoughts on Gainax’s wacky OVA?